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The Search For an Insurance Provider is Not Always Easy

There are many ways one can search for insurance policies. One can search utilizing independent agents, online via an internet search from the carrier itself or through an exclusive captain agent who is authorized to place you with one carrier. What makes writing policies with an independent agent more advantageous?

An independent insurance agency, such as Jacobs Insurance is authorized to write policies with many different carriers allowing the agent to review the competition saving you money. While your end result will likely be the same down all three avenues; a policy will be written covering you, your home or automobile, it is the service you receive before and after which will differ drastically.

At Jacobs Insurance, we are committed to proving to you that we will look out for your insurance needs from the time we write your first policy and we will continue to look out for you and your coverages for as long as you have insurance needs or insurance changes.

A Jacobs Independent Agent Provides Choice

Independent agencies, such as Jacobs Insurance have the ability to review offerings from various companies and help you find the best policy that best fits the mix of coverage you want, price and service needs. Whether it is a big industry giant selling millions of policies or a small company selling hundreds we will find the best fit for you. The right company for you is the one with the best coverage at the best price and we can weed through the carriers that won’t work and find the one that does. The best part is, we do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. We sort through carriers, their reviews, coverages, and costs.

A Jacobs Independent Agent Represents You and Writes Policies Which Suit You Best

Your independent agent at Jacobs Insurance is authorized to write policies from many different carriers and will represent you, not the companies. You always have your agent on your side looking out for your best interest and your insurance needs as they may change over time. If a current policy doesn’t work any longer, a current provider goes out of business or if you move and need different coverages, your Jacob’s Insurance agent can find a new policy which will work and can find a policy easily by searching through the many different companies they do business with.

Your Independent Jacobs Insurance Agent is a Trustworthy and Real Person

A Jacobs Insurance agent is a specific person you can call and rely upon when any insurance situations arise. Whether it is to write a policy, a claim or just a simple questions, we are licensed and authorized to help out. We have the expertise to properly manage your coverage and are always available to help. We are truly your one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs while offering amazing personal service and competitive pricing.

Insurance Agent West Palm Beach

Jacobs Insurance Agency is an independent agency who partners with the best insurance carriers to offer you a wide array of personal insurance solutions designed to meet your unique needs. We specialize in homeowners, auto (including motorcycle and RV), boat, umbrella, and commercial insurance. With over 30 years’ experience in the South Florida area, our specialty is designing a tailored program of coverage to fill your unique insurance needs: whether personal, commercial, or both. Our passion is providing top-notch service and peace of mind to our clients, and we thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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