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Umbrella Policies

You probably have insurance for your home, car and boat, but, if you need additional liability, an umbrella policy could be just what you need. When the liabilities on your existing policies have reached, the umbrella policy will kick in. An umbrella policy provides extra liability above the limits of traditional policies protecting you from major claims and lawsuits.

What Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Cover?

If things still seem cloudy, read on to see if an umbrella policy is what you need to keep rainy days away by insuring you above the limits you have in place on your existing policies by covering situations not covered by other policies.

Underlying Insurance Requirements

An umbrella policy is considered a form of secondary insurance, therefore, you must have a primary auto or homeowners insurance policy to even be considered for an umbrella policy approval. Jacobs Insurance can help you know the requirements various companies have, but the typical primary coverages are:

  • Auto insurance bodily injury coverage of $250,000 per person/$500,000 per accident
  • Auto insurance property damage coverage of $100,000 per accident
  • Homeowners insurance personal liability coverage of $500,000

What an Umbrella Policy Covers:

  • Property damage liability covers damage to someone else’s property, such as damage to an vehicle as a result of an accident, accidental damage caused by pets or children.
  • Coverage for lawsuits. If you are sued for slander, libel, false arrest or imprisonment, mental anguish, an umbrella policy will cover these situations.
  • Personal liability situations
  • Bodily Injury liability covers costs you may have to pay for another’s person’s medical bills and liability claims if they are hurt in an accident in which you are at fault in their car, in your home or in your yard.

What an Umbrella Policy Does Not Cover:

Jacobs Insurance will be right there to explain any and all exclusions depending on the company you choose to purchase an umbrella policy from, but here are some typical exclusions.

  • An umbrella policy will not protect you from lawsuits related to a personal business.
  • Umbrella policies do not typically cover high risk activities using your vehicle.
  • It may not cover recreational vehicles, farm tractors or vehicles with a weight exceeding 12,000 pounds.
  • It may not cover damage to your car or property, but you can use your auto or homeowners insurance policies for these instances.
  • Umbrella policies do not cover restitution for a committed crime.
  • Sexual harassment, discrimination, intentional injury and malicious acts are not covered as well.
  • An umbrella policy does not provide health insurance coverage over what you have with your current health insurance plan. If you require excess health insurance coverage, it is best to purchase a more comprehensive health insurance policy.

An umbrella insurance policy from Jacobs Insurance Agency provides you with the extra coverage you need. We partner with the best insurance carriers to give you the options that will work best for your needs and situation.

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