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Countless businesses lack the coverage they need because they simply don’t know what their insurance covers. Others are underinsured, meaning they have the proper type of coverage, but not enough of it. In these cases, despite carrying commercial insurance, businesses still risk losing everything because their insurance doesn’t provide them with what they need to stay protected.

With over three decades of commercial insurance experience, Jacobs Insurance Agency won’t let that happen to you. Not only will we make sure you have the right coverage, but we will also make sure that you have enough of it. We will do all of that while still providing you with a good price, thanks to our partnerships with various insurance carriers.

We will talk with you to determine exactly what you need from your insurance coverage. Then, we go over your insurance options. While we offer countless options, there are common concerns which many of our clients ask for quotes on.

Business Owners Policy Insurance

Business owners policy insurance includes general liability insurance and property insurance rolled into one convenient package. This commercial insurance can save your company if anything goes wrong.

General Liability Insurance

You also have the option of getting a general liability insurance policy. This policy protects businesses against various types of claims, including property damage, injuries, and data loss. With the help of this policy, you can keep your business up and running even after a catastrophe.

Professional Liability Insurance

No matter how hard you try, you might find yourself negligent when something goes wrong. In other cases, you might not be negligent but are still accused of it. Professional liability insurance protects you against claims of negligence. It doesn’t matter if you are at fault or not. This insurance offers stellar protection so you can rest easy.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Most businesses are required to carry this insurance. For those who don’t need to, it is strongly recommended you still do. The reality is, workplace injuries can happen no matter how safe your company is. In the case of an injury, Workers Compensation insurance will protect your company from a lawsuit and ensure your employees are compensated for lost time due to injury.

Auto Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of vehicles for your business or you use your own vehicle for business purposes. Business auto insurance will provide you with the coverage necessary to protect your interests when you’re on the road. Talk to an agent about the various coverage options for your commercial vehicles.
In addition to these options, Jacobs Insurance Agency also offers:

  • Business interruption insurance
  • Directors and officers liability coverage
  • Property insurance
  • Surety bonds
  • Umbrella insurance

Each type of insurance has something unique to offer businesses, so contact us today to learn more. We can provide you with a quote and help you get the coverage you need effective immediately. With our help, your business will be protected. Rest easy knowing you can survive anything, including a disaster.

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