Boat Insurance West Palm Beach

Jacobs Insurance Agency works with insurance carriers all over the country, allowing us to provide our clients with the best options for boat insurance. Before we can determine what coverage you need, we will ask you some basic questions such as the type of boat you own and how much you intend to use it. We will also need to go over further details such as the waters you will use it in. This information will give us a better idea of what type of coverage you need.

Once we have all of the details, we can recommend a plan just for you. This plan will include various types of coverage. Let’s look at some common coverage options so you will have a better idea of what to expect when you get boat insurance from Jacobs Insurance Agency.

Liability Coverage for your Boat

You are as safe as possible on the water, but you never know when something might happen, causing you to damage a boat or another structure. You also might accidentally injure someone on the water. If you don’t have insurance, you will likely be sued. Liability coverage protects you in case anything happens. That way, you can protect your assets when you are out on the water.

Physical Damage Coverage

Your boat might end up getting damaged at some point. There could be a fire, a storm, or you could be involved in a collision. Someone might even steal your boat or parts of it. Physical damage coverage protects you from all of these issues.

You will need to choose a policy that covers the replacement cost or the actual cash value of your boat. Replacement cost coverage compensates you for the cost of replacing the item. For instance, if your boat is stolen, you will be able to replace it with a new boat.

Actual cash value takes the replacement cost and subtracts the depreciation to determine the amount of money you will be paid out. This is more affordable, but you won’t get as much money if something happens.

Talk to an agent from Jacobs Insurance Agency to find out which option is better for your needs.

Add-On Coverage

Many of our clients require add-on coverage for their policies. For instance, you might need additional coverage for watersports or for your fishing gear. Go over all of your needs with our agents to find out which policy works best for you. With your agent’s help, you will be completely covered at all times.

Saving on Boat Insurance

Jacobs Insurance Agency will help you find ways to save on your boat insurance policy. Options include combining your policy with other policies and using your good driving record to your advantage. That’s right – having a good record on the roads can actually help you pay less on your boat insurance. Also, your agent might recommend taking a boating safety course so you can lower your premiums.

Your boat isn’t just a toy, it’s an investment. It is up to you to protect that investment. Contact Jacobs Insurance Agency to find out how we can help you protect your boat when it is on the water and on dry land.

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